When to Split Cards In Blackjack? Unique Tips

The Basic Strategy for the Blackjack Game

Splitting is a useful technique that is followed in Blackjack. It is completely legal and is supported by most of the online casinos. It is also very important to know when to split in blackjack and when not, to increase your chances of winning the game.

When to split cards in Blackjack?

What is a split?

Spilt is a technique that is allowed in the game of blackjack and in some other casino games. As per the rules of blackjack, if you get the same first two cards in a game, you may split them into two independent hands. Each one of the two hands will be given one additional card, so you now have two hands each with two cards. The original bet you placed will be doubled to assign an equal bet to each of the two hands.

Splitting Aces in a Blackjack game

While playing online Blackjack, if you get a pair of Aces, the best thing to do is split them. Since there are more cards with 10-value than any other type of cards in a deck, you have a good chance of ending up with two hands, each of 21. That’s the best hand you can get in the game. But is it always the right choice to split a pair of ace?

Most blackjack games will pay you even 1:1 for an ordinary 21, consisting of a split ace and a 10-value card, which is not as good as winning a blackjack which might pay 3:2 for winning. This is one of the reasons why some blackjack players do not consider it a good idea to split their aces. Some variations of blackjack game have a rule that only one card will be assigned to a split ace. This further demotivates players to split their aces.

Aside from the general consideration, it is actually true that splitting aces always have more winning probability that the counterpart. Having two blackjack hands with 21s is always better as it has the potential of winning more money than a single blackjack win.

Splitting eights in blackjack

As per the standard blackjack strategy, you should always split a pair of eights. When you have two 8s, you simply have a hand of 16, which is not likely to help you win. But if you split, you might get two 10s giving you two hands, each of 18, which is definitely a better hand with more probability to win.

Some players do not prefer to split their 8s, especially against the 9 or 10 of a dealer. They are afraid that if they lose they might have to pay double of the original bet. Mathematically, this reasoning doesn’t hold up much. When you split your 8s, the chances of you losing the game are less than any other possible move. On the other hand, a pair of 8s is more likely to lose.

If you are looking for a defensive blackjack strategy in order to keep your losses to a minimum, splitting your 8s is the best move for you.

The trend of splitting cards in blackjack is not new. Many professional gamblers prefer this strategy as it is capable of reducing the probability of losing a game. Many top researchers and players in this industry believe that splitting 8s is truly one of the best blackjack strategies.


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