Know All About The History Of Scratchcards

The arena of the online gambling and the casinos are reaching new heights in this age of technological advancement. The availability of the online casino has made it possible to gamble from anywhere in the world. The online casino is seeing a transition phase and many new games are appearing to allure the players. Many have emerged recently and have attracted a lot of online casino players. Scratchcards are one such casino game, which is new to the gambling arena but has attracted the attention of players from all the nook corner. Many are familiar with this, but few are completely unaware of its history. So, in lieu to enlighten our readers, here, we are penning down the history of the Scratchcards.

Know All About The History Of Scratchcards

The first scratchcard was used in 1974 and was the venture of the Scientific Games Corporation, headed up by John Koza. At the time of it's initial days, scratchcards were made by covering the surface with a layer by foil to keep the numbers or images from being hidden until scratched off. In the modern times, the design has changed a bit but the motto is same. The change in the modern technology has also lead to the changes that we see in the current scratchcards.

Scratchcards have seen a lot changes from the initial years. Earlier they were all lottery cards and were called as an instant lottery. Rather than sitting tight for a TV show or national lottery, the scratchcard could be promptly used after purchasing to know the amount won by you. Since then it has changed a lot and nowadays is used in many casino games including the Poker. Scratchcards are designed and developed in accordance with the recent happenings and some famous events going to occur in any parts of the world. Like during Olympics casinos put forward scratch cards with a different sporting event from this mega event.

Scratch cards advanced into the universe of online casino in the year 2010 for playing Flash or Java. The projects that utilize it have random number generators simply like the ones we see at the slots, guaranteeing that they are fair for everybody. Actually, scratchcards work online because of the software required to generate slot numbers. It is easier than slots to play scratch cards and are similarly fun and offer incredible prizes and rewards.

Online Scratchcards have garner immense popularity in the online casino arena and is going really strong with each passing day. The alluring thems and the prizes and rewards associated with it is the fascinating thing about this casino game. The easiness to play is another additive factor for it's reach to the common people. All in all, we can say that the future of the Online Scratchcards is also very bright and will remain one of the most played online casino games in the future as well.


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