What Is The Importance Of Random Number Generators In Online Gambling?

Random Number Generators In Online Gambling

Online gambling software makes use of various simple to complex algorithms to provide a top-class gaming experience to online casino players. Random Number generators, also known as RNGs, are one of these algorithms that are used to generate random outcomes in the game. Whether you are just starting with online gambling or are a proficient online casino player, it is crucial to properly understand the mechanism behind the operation of these RNGs. Read on to learn more about these programs and their importance in online gambling.

Random Number Generators

An RNG is a complex algorithm that generates random numbers, usually for a specific purpose. These programs are widely used in online casinos, video games, password generators and encryption software. It makes use of advanced artificial intelligence to find out a suitable number for the task in hand.

random number generators in online gambling

On contrary to their name, RNGs do not actually generate random numbers, but they are designed such as to choose only from a specific range of possible numbers. The algorithms associated with these programs are usually very complex and almost impossible to crack. But that hasn’t stopped many hackers from trying. It is normal for users to question the authenticity of these random generator programs. As an online casino player, you must also have often struggled with the question if the numbers generated by an RNG are actually random or if there is a way for the casinos or for users to manipulate it somehow. Let’s find out.

How does an RNG work?

RNG is a computer program the sole job of which is to produce random numbers such that there is no specific pattern between these numbers. However, it is virtually impossible for humans to build such a program that could generate truly random numbers.

When designing the RNG, the programmer has to feed certain patterns for the program to follow. For example, the programmer can feed the first number to the algorithm. The program will be designed so that it multiplies the number with itself and spits out the middle number as the next random number and so on. So, if you know the seed number and the operating algorithm, you might even be able to predict the next numbers. But that doesn’t actually work. Here’s why.

There are two types of random number generators. The one described above is called Pseudo RNG, also known as software generators. These types of RNGs need a seed number and an algorithm to be able to produce the next random numbers.

Then, there are True RNGs, also known as hardware generators, that generate truly random number without having to provide a seed. These are the ones used in online casinos. Since there is no seed, it is practically impossible to guess the output number for these RNGs. However, there is a glitch here as well. Since machines are designed to be predictable, they build their own pattern and follow the same even if you do not provide one to it. So, in fact, there is always a pattern in the numbers generated even by a true RNG. But it will take a very long period of time and a huge amount of calculations to even come close to figuring out that pattern. Even if you had that kind of money and/or resources, you wouldn’t possibly be able to find out the next random number.

Importance of RNGs in Gambling

Random number generators are used in both traditional casinos and online casino games. They are used in slot machines, roulette, Blackjack and many other casino games, where they generate random numbers to decide the outcome of a particular event in the game. Since there are usually too many possible outcomes of an event, most players think that the numbers generated by the RNG are completely random.

No matter how complex an RNG algorithm, there is always a limit of the possible outcomes it can produce. Therefore, there will always be the probability that an RNG might generate the same sequence of numbers again, but it usually doesn’t happen. Many modern casinos are now using super complex RNGs which are able to generate close to 300 million random number sequences on average.

Even though RNGs may never be truly able to produce actual random numbers, they are getting very close. It is not practically possible to exactly guess the next number to be generated by an RNG. Therefore, it is wise to focus on the game and not on figuring out the sequence. A casino RNG goes through several testing phases and usually has a very high level of encryption security backed by a very complex algorithm.


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