Top 5 Poker Players Of All Time - The Best Poker Professionals Ever

Top Poker Players Of All Time

Poker has been one of the most famous casino games for many years. It is so famous that there are dedicated casinos offering different variants of Poker game to the players. Poker is a card game that requires a very high level of dedication, knowledge, and practice in order to achieve success.

The history has seen a number of great Poker players, many of which still continue to dominate the cards game with their unique game techniques and the skills to recognize winner bets. Their Poker earnings are in millions. Most of these professional players have been in the field for many years, performing consistently well throughout their careers.

The internet gambling has promoted Poker game in ways we could have never imagined. There are hundreds of online casinos where you can play unlimited Poker for long hours without interruption, and from anywhere and anytime. This is one of the reasons why we are seeing so many professional players these days. The internet has removed the location barriers, allowing professional players to become famous at the global level. In this article, we will talk about the top 5 online Poker players of our time.

Top Poker Players Of All Time

Daniel Negreanu

43 years old Daniel Negreanu is arguably the most successful and the best living Poker player in the world at present. He is a recognized name in the industry. Famous by the nickname “Kid Poker,” Negreanu was born and brought up in Canada. He has been playing the game ever since he was 21 years old.

During his Poker career of 22-years*, Negreanu managed to win two WPT (World Poker Tour) titles, five WSOP (World Series of Poker) titles and several cash rewards in some of the most popular poker events. His cumulative earning from poker betting counts to over 32 million dollars till the date. He has written several books including Hold’em Wisdom for All Players and many others.

Erik Seidel

Erik Seidel is a renowned name in the world of professional poker gambling. He is unofficially regarded as one of the best poker players in the history. Erik started his poker career when he was in college. With close to $32 million career winnings, he holds the record of being one of the most successful poker players in the world.

Seidel has reportedly won one WPT title, eight WSOP titles and millions of dollars in the form of cash rewards. He hails from New York City, United States.

Antonio Esfandiari

Known as “The Magician” among poker players, Antonio Esfandiari was born in 1978 in the USA. He has so far won three WSOP titles and two WPT bracelets in his poker career. Esfandiari also has the record of winning the biggest cash prize in the history of poker which he made by winning $18,346,673 at the Big One for One Drop game at the WSOP 2012.

He is known for his unique and most amazing poker magic tricks which gave him the name of the Magician.

Phil Ivey

With ten WSOP titles and 1 WPT win, Phil Ivey is known as one of the best living players in the world of poker gaming. Often regarded as the “Tiger Woods of poker,” Phil is known for his ability to win every game he plays. Born in 1977 in Riverside, California, Ivey started his professional Poker career in young age. He won his first World Series bracelet in 2000. His total career winnings stand at over $23 million dollars in cash prizes.

John Juanda

John Juanda is famous by the nickname “Luckbox” because of his unbeatable luck at the poker game. He presently holds five WSOP bracelets and has won over $23 million in cash through professional poker gaming.

Juanda is an American citizen who was born in Indonesia. He won his first World Series title in 2002. John is also one of the founding members of the online poker website Full Tilt Poker which was invented in 2003. He has participated in almost every major poker tournament all over the world and continues to win the hearts of millions of his fans.


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