A Quick Guide to Betting on Baseball

A Beginner's Guide to Betting on Baseball

Baseball is one of the most famous sports in the United States. Naturally, it makes a good option for those who love to bet on sports. When it comes to betting options in baseball, there are actually many, with different odds and money lines. Baseball betting is usually very confusing, even for expert bettors. This article is here to simplify things by telling you about the various types of bets that can be wagered on this game.

A Quick Guide to Betting on Baseball

Types of bets in Baseball

Money Lines

This is the most common type of sports betting. In this, there is a line on which you can either bet on the win or on the loss of a team in a game. However, the odds in these types of bets can move, depending on how much a team is favoured. You win if your selected team wins, otherwise, you lose. Some money lines will also have an option for the draw. The odds of a favoured team winning are usually higher and so is the bet amount for it, however, the winning amount for the underdog team is higher.

Baseball Parlay bets

Same as every sport parlay, a baseball parlay is formed by combining multiple teams from multiple games. then, one big bet is placed on the parlay. The point of this kind of bet is that the payouts are multiplied by the number of teams participating in a parlay while the wager amount stays the same as you are still making only one bet. The only downside of a parlay bet is that you will lose the bet if even one of your selected teams loses so the odds are quite low. A parlay needs to have minimum two teams while the maximum number of teams in a parlay bet depends on the site and the game.

Round Robin

This is a special type of parlay bet in which you can make two or more parlay bets at the same time. This happens by dividing your selected teams into multiple parlays. There must be minimum three teams to make a round robin bet. Since there are more teams categorized between multiple parlays, the number of possible bets will also increase, depending on the possible combinations.

First 5 Inning’s Bet

As the name suggests, this type of bet involves you placing bets on the odds of a particular team leading at the end of the 5th inning. This is also a type of money line bet, only the bets are made in the first 5 innings of the game.

Another option of this bet allows you to make wagers on the total bet of the first 5 innings. That means you need to predict just how many runs your team will score in the first 5 innings and then you can place a bet on that line.

Betting in 2nd Half

In this type of baseball betting, you bet on the total number of runs (by both teams) that will be scored in the second half of a game. The odds of such bets may vary depending on which side of the money line is more favoured.

Total Bet

This is another type of money line bet, but instead of choosing a team to win the game, you wager on whether both teams together will score higher or lower than the total score given on the line. These are one of the simplest types of bets. The odds of such bets depend on a number of things, including the recent performances of the participating teams, pitching matchup, the sides with more bets, etc.

Run Lines

These are similar to a money line bet in which you will have to choose a winner of the game, but the run line is placed on an actual game. The odds of winning a bet will depend on which team is favoured more. Depending on the line, your team will have to score above/below a particular score in order for you to win.

Alternate Lines

These bets are similar to run lines, however, some online sports betting sites will also offer this option where the normal bets are flipped and the team that was favoured positive, would now be favoured negative, and vice-versa. So, the favoured team actually becomes the underdog. These bets are very rare and offered only by a few betting sites. It is particularly beneficial for those who prefer underdogs to win the game.

Some websites might also offer another alternative line where the high favoured team is made into the less favoured with low odds but good payoffs. The run line is also increased in this type of bet.

IF Bets

This is a type of parlay bet in which you do not lose the parlay even if you lose individual bets. This is particularly suitable for bettors who want to win big while managing their betting budgets. The IF bet also involves betting on more than one sports bet together, however, each of these bets is treated as an individual bet.

For example, if you are betting on two different sports bets, your second bet will be placed only if you win the first bet, otherwise, it won’t.

The two or more games you are betting on need not to start at the same time. You can bet on the game that starts first and if you win the bet will automatically be placed on your next selected game, and so on.

Prop Bets

These are special kind of bets that are placed on events other than the simple win or lose of teams in a baseball game. This may involve placing wagers on:

  • Who will score the first run in a game
  • Which team will score the most runs in the first inning
  • The number of home runs to be hit in the game
  • Over/Under on the number of hits each team will have, etc.

Tips for betting on baseball

The rules of betting on a baseball game are more or less the same as other sports betting. Some of the sports betting tips are mentioned below.

  • Always maintain a betting budget and never cross that budget, no matter how much you win or lose or what the odds say.
  • Never bet the money you win from a game to chase the losses of another game.
  • Set a target win for the bet, and if you somehow manage to win that amount, just walk away.
  • Bet on a parlay only if you are willing to take the risk since the odds of winning parlay (all of the teams) are quite low.
  • If you are continuously losing all your bets, it is probably a good idea to quit for the day or at least take a short break before you continue.

Baseball is usually a very entertaining game that is watched by millions of people around the world. Betting on baseball is even more fun through which you can win easy money if you have good knowledge of the game. Once you get a hang of how the wagers are placed and how the odds matter, you can actually win quite a sum from this sport.


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